March 3, 2021
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Keeping up with Industry Trends

How to Keep Up With Industry Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic compressed years of digital change into just a few short months, and it's not over yet. Where can you go to stay on top of the latest marketing trends? Going straight to the source of these changes can help your business implement them before anyone else - and prevent yours from getting left behind.

1. Sign up For Emails

Marketing companies are giving out a treasure trove of information through their emails and it's free to sign up for most lists! There's an e-mail list for just about any marketing niche you can imagine - all it takes is a simple Google search for you to find it.

2. Take Advantage of Training Opportunities

Many companies are offering training courses on subjects if you’re unsure how to implement the trend in your industry. You can be sure that others in your area will be there, too. You won’t appear clueless if your competitor is asking the same questions and learning the same skills.

3. Get Hints from Analytical Tools

Sometimes, you can discover trends before they actually spike in popularity. Use all tools at your disposal, like Google Trends, to catch on to changes early. That way, you might get a leg up on your competitor, and be in the game before they realize the board has been set out.

4. Stay Alert with Google Alerts

Similar to Google Trends, Google Alerts will keep you in the know, but on your own schedule. Just as you have your competitors, several trends sprout up all at once, thanks to people hoping their idea will be the “next big thing.” By setting your alerts to once a day, once a week, or even once a month, you can check in on what’s been happening and figure out which new trend you prefer most, rather than latching on to the first one you read about.

5. Keep Tabs on Your Competitors

Sometimes the best way to keep up with your competition is to do exactly what they're doing. Whatever online marketing trends you're seeing, you can be sure other businesses in your space are seeing them too.

Check up on your competitors once a quarter (or even better, once a month) to see what they’ve adopted. Based on their success—or failure—you can decide which methods work best for you and your company. Sometimes, being the first one to try out a new trend isn’t as useful as you’d hope.

6. Speak to Your Customers and build trust

While certain changes might benefit your company from a business perspective, how do your customers respond to these shifts? By gathering feedback from your clientele, you can determine whether or not the trend works in your case. If your customers aren’t fans of the change, consider finding a different craze. If your customers love what you’ve done, great!

7. Traditional sales tactics aren’t gone completely

Like anything that’s stood the test of time, there’s a reason why cold calling has been around for years: It’s a numbers game and casts a wide net that can help you find the right people.


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