July 29, 2020

Daily Avision for July 29, 2020

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Restaurant sales hit a pandemic high in June, but were far below normal – (Submitted by Frasier)


Cleaning Tax Credit Included in Senate Coronavirus Relief Package – (Submitted by Frasier)


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I don’t think winners beat the competition because they work harder. And it’s not even clear that they win because they have more creativity. THE SECRET, I THINK IS UNDERSTANDING WHAT MATTERS!


It’s not obvious, and it changes. It changes by culture, by buyer, by product and even by the day of the week. But THOSE that manage to capture the imagination, makes sales, and grow,are doing it by perfecting the things that matter and ignoring the rest.


Both parts are difficult,particularly when you are surrounded by people who insist on fretting about and working on the stuff that makes no difference at all!


What are the most important things you must get done tomorrow, next week, next month? Know what they are and concentrate your energy to get them done! Remember, this is not only about work but personal as well!” – Individual in the EOS World (Submitted by Tony Lasita)

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